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Ongoing Collaborative Research

Study of Surface And Ground Water Interaction Using Stable Isotopes In Hard Rock Terrain of Durg District, Chhattisgarh


Isotope study is very important tool in assessing the rate of recharge which can be considered as rainfall infiltration rate and contribution of ponds in dynamic ground water resource. Further, it will establish relationship between surface and ground water system and will enable qualitative assessment of vulnerability of aquifer system and efficacy of artificial recharge structures in the hard rock aquifer system. The study is being undertaken with PRL Ahmedabad.

Expected Output

Through study of the environmental isotopes the source and area of recharge to the ground water will be identified. The proposed study will establish a relationship between surface and ground water system. It will enable assessment of vulnerability and augmentation of the hard rock aquifer system in the area. Besides, capacity of faculty will be built on isotope study.

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